• Body

    Easy At-Home Exercises

    Let’s start our exercise series with a set of 3 different exercises you can do in your home, with minimal equipment and space required! Exercise One: Lateral Raise Exercise Two: Side Bend Exercise Three: Bicep Curl The beauty of these exercises is you don’t need any specific equipment. Fill a drink bottle of water, or use a bag of flour or rice and let’s get moving! 12 reps each exercise 3 rounds of each GOOD LUCK

  • Mind

    A World of Knowledge

    The essentials of life are often quoted as follows: Someone to love Something to do Something to look forward to See every day as an opportunity to learn something new. An interesting fact! A new skill. Share your knowledge with others and let your creativity shine!

  • Mind

    The Power of Music

    For today’s Mindfulness Minute, pick out your favourite song and listen to it, uninterrupted. Without agenda or without skipping through it. How does it make you feel? Does it remind you of someone? Something? A particular event or time in your life? Taking a moment to appreciate these small things can do wonders for our mood. What song did you choose?

  • Mind


    It’s important to show gratitude in what life brings. With gratitude, we have an opportunity to show an appreciation for the goodness around us, whether that be tangible or intangible. For today’s mindfulness activity, write down three things you are grateful for. They can be big or small, it’s all the same. It could be something as simple as being grateful for that freshly-brewed cup of morning coffee or the smile from your children. Showing gratitude has proven to elevate mood and helps you to feel more positive, relish on good experiences and build strong relationships.

  • Puzzle Answers

    Answer – A picture paints a thousand…movie titles?

    This was a bit of a hard puzzle, and we had lots and lots and LOTS of suggestions come through. However, here’s the answers: Breakfast at Tiffanys Silence of the Lambs Marry Poppins The Horse Whisperer You’ve got Mail Brokeback Mountain Finding Nemo ET Life of Pi A Walk in the Clouds One hour photo Dirty Dancing

  • Puzzle Answers

    Answer – A glass half full

    How did you do? Did you figure it out? The answer to our puzzle is as follows: There are six glasses. Three of them are empty, the rest – full of water. By pouring the contents of glass 5 in to glass 2, you now have alternating full to empty glasses!

  • Puzzles

    A glass half full?

    Today’s puzzle is a goodie! And definitely got me thinking. Do you know the answer? Remember, answers for today’s puzzle will be given out after the next day’s puzzle. If you get stuck, fill out the contact page and ask us!