• Body

    The Exercises For Today

    Here’s your next lot of exercises to ‘enjoy’ at home. Remember, you don’t need lots of fancy equipment or expensive workout clothes. Just a good mindset and determination!

  • Kids

    The Big New Zealand Easter Egg Hunt

    You heard it right from the mouth of the Prime Minister; the Easter Bunny is an essential worker! But they might be quite busy during this time of year, and may find it difficult to visit every home. To help the Easter Bunny find their way, and help children (and adults alike!) the Prime Minister has suggested a big New Zealand Easter Egg hunt! Below you will find the easter egg to colour in and put in your front window, similar to the Teddy Bear hunt currently on around our streets. Once you’re done, email them to primeminister@parliament.govt.nz or share them on social medial with the hashtag #NZEggHunt and let’s…