• Kids

    DIY ‘Laser’ Maze

    Test out your children’s (and your) Mission Impossible skills by setting up this fun but challenging maze. You can use toilet paper (which some people may have an abundance of right now!) or tissue paper, crepe paper, whatever you have lying around! Really up the ante by putting a timer for how long you’ve got to get through. You can follow all of the instructions and make your own right here: It’s Always Autumn

  • Body

    At Home Exercise Circuit

    The wonderful folk of Sport Waikato have created an at-home exercise circuit to get you huffing and puffing in no time (in a good way!). No equipment necessary and easy to follow. Let’s see how you do! Special thanks to Nicola for recommending this! Sport Waikato

  • Mind

    Mindfulness Moment – Let’s Colour-in

    You might think that colouring is only for kids, but research shows that colouring can be a helpful way to practice mindfulness; taking a few moments out of our day to relax, be present and reduce stress. Why not grab some pens, pencils, highlighters, whatever you have around, and have a go at some of these adult colouring pages.