Mindfulness Moment – A snapshot in time

As we take small moments in our day to practice mindfulness, to wind down and to give ourselves space to process the world around us, we can often find ourselves rushing. Rushing to get things ready, rushing to eat our meal, rushing to complete a task. Rushing to finish the day, only to start all over again tomorrow.

It is common among mindfulness activities to make a conscious effort to write one thing that you are grateful for each day. It might be a gratefulness of the coffee you enjoyed with breakfast, the phone call you received from a friend, or something as simple as the sun shining. There are no right or wrong answers for what to be grateful for; you can even be grateful that you had something to be grateful for today!

To assist in our mindfulness moment for this week, I challenge you to take one photo of something you appreciate each day. Remember, photography is only mindful if you’re really looking at what you’re about to photograph so with each photo really pause and soak in what that small snapshot in time represents for you.

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