Life can seem puzzling at the best of times. Test out you wit with some of our favourite puzzles from around the world.

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    Pub Quiz…In your own home?

    As we find new and novel ways of doing some of those social activities we enjoyed in a past life, businesses are coming to the party and finding creative ways that we can still do what we want to do…but just enjoy it in our home.

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    Solve Me – Rebel Supplies Riddle

    You’re overseeing the delivery of crucial supplies to a rebel base deep in the heart of enemy territory. To get past Imperial Customs, all packages must follow a strict protocol: If a box is marked with an even number on the bottom, it must be sealed with a red top. The boxes are already being loaded onto the transport when you receive an urgent message. One of the four boxes was sealed incorrectly, but they lost track of which one. All the boxes are still on the conveyor belt. Two are facing down: one marked with a four, and one with a seven. The other two are facing up: one…

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    Logic Puzzle – Snacking at Work

    Logic puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. Each puzzle you receive a series of categories, and an equal number of options within each category, which you use to try and figure out which options are linked together. A series of clues can help along the way, and a logic grid is often used to supplement your decisions. They are a great way to test your mental agility and power of reasoning, as well as providing plenty of entertainment and satisfaction…maybe? Today’s logic puzzle titled ‘Snacking at Work’ is as follows:

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    A glass half full?

    Today’s puzzle is a goodie! And definitely got me thinking. Do you know the answer? Remember, answers for today’s puzzle will be given out after the next day’s puzzle. If you get stuck, fill out the contact page and ask us!